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United Kingdom

Alan White PHD RN, is Emeritus Professor of Men’s Health at Leeds Beckett University and the Patron of the Men’s Health Forum (Great Britain). His work includes the European Commission ‘The State of Men’s Health in Europe’ Report; the State of Men’s Health in Leeds report; and the State of Women’s Health in Leeds Report. Alan was a member of the WHO (Europe) core group helping prepare their report and strategy on Men’s Health. His recent work include:

  • Kirby R, Carson C, White A, Kirby M. (2021) Men’s Health. 4th ed. Abingdon, Oxon: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis [Published on June 14th]

  • Baker P, White A, Morgan R. Men’s health: COVID-19 pandemic highlights need for overdue policy action. Lancet. 2020;395(10241):1886–8. Available from:

  • Smith JA, Griffith DM, White A, Baker P, Watkins DC, Drummond M, et al. COVID-19, equity and men’s health: using evidence to inform future public health policy, practice and research responses to pandemics. Int J Men’s Soc Community Heal. 2020;3(1):e48–64.

  • White A, Kirby M. COVID-19: biological factors in men’s vulnerability. Trends Urol. 2020;

  • White A. Men and COVID-19: the aftermath. Postgrad Med. 2020;


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