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Due to the postponement of the congress, we will be updating the programme subject to the availability of our faculty at the new scheduled dates. Please visit this page again soon.

Men's Health World Congress 2020


The International Society for Men’s Health is proud to be presenting the inaugural Forum on Emerging Innovations in Men’s Health. Currently, innovations in general healthcare technology are introduced at an unrelenting speed and these technologies are also readily available. Here, at the Forum on Emerging Innovations in Men’s Health, we will discuss and showcase innovations designed for Men’s Health to improve the quality of life for men through all stage of his life.  

This year’s theme is on Artificial Intelligence (AI) where we will showcase and explore AI innovations that will advance Men’s Health. It’s a well known fact that men are notoriously hard to motivate about their health and it falls upon us to try everything to get to them, even if it’s artificial! Other discussions will include an update on the state of AI and technological developments related to Men’s Health and to determine areas of unmet needs, thereby providing innovators an insight into potential opportunities to meet this gap.  

Companies are creating algorithms to sort medical records, determine treatments, and even predict who will skip their next doctor's appointment. Cloud-based, deep-learning technology is also being used to review medical records faster and provide diagnosis more accurately. Although the field of AI is still in its infancy, we cannot deny that there are great potentials for us to embrace this technology to further the field of Men’s Health and provide better outcomes for our patients.


This is a unique and very ONE OF A KIND platform for stakeholders across the medtech ecosystem to meet with medical key opinion leaders and experts in Men’s Health in an intimate setting to explore opportunities and priorities in the use of AI and technological innovations in Men’s Health. 

If you are looking for investment / ideation opportunities to ride the rising wave of technology in healthcare, this is the definitive event to attend. We hope that this event will enable the creation of partnerships within eco-system of technology experts - medical experts - investors. 

Who should attend the forum :

  • Health Innovator

  • Health Wearables Developer

  • Software / App Developer

  • Telehealth / Diagnostic System Professional 

  • Investor, Venture Capitalist 

  • Healthcare professional with interest in technological innovations 

  • Men's Health promoters

Registration to attend this forum is limited to those who are attending the MHWC or by invitation only. This forum is FREE for those who are registered to attend the MHWC, but is limited to 50 attendees. 


Priority will be given to applicants with a keen interest or experienced in the field of technology / AI for health.


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