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MHWC Virtual 2021

- Registration for MHWC Virtual is free -

Session 1 (25 July 2021) : Covid & Men’s Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a cruel light on the world-wide state of men’s health. It is observed that more men are dying from COVID-19 and this is an  opportune time to focus attention on this issue. 

Session 2 (23 October 2021) : Mental Health and Wellness in Men

Mental illness among men is a public health concern that warrants attention. Dubbed the ‘silent epidemic’, and worsened by stereotypes and stigma, mean that many men are struggling in silence.


Session 3 (20 March 2022) : Emerging Innovations in Men’s Health

Currently, innovations in general healthcare technology are introduced at an unrelenting speed and these technologies are also readily available. At this session, we will discuss how innovations can be used to improve the quality of life for men through all stages of life. 

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